Kaivosvesiverkosto Matchmaking 2016 Event

Business opportunities from mine water – The Kaivosvesiverkosto Matchmaking 2016 Event
Do you want to improve your business and be more competitive in your industry? Are you facing difficulties finding the right partners and organizations to play a part in your success? 
The Mining Water Competence Network of Finland is organizing The Kaivosvesiverkosto Matchmaking 2016 event in cooperation with the Geological Survey of Finland, Measurepolis Oy and Chemec Oy. The event is aimed at organizations that are currently, or that are planning to be involved in mine water business.
Date: Wednesday 20.4.2016, 8:30-19:00
Venue: Geologian tutkimuskeskus, Betonimiehenkuja 4, 02151 Espoo
Registration - until 18th of April 2016                                                                  
Register and submit a cooperation profile with a description of your offer or request. Profiles are published online.
Request Meetings – until 18th of April 2016                                         
Participants can browse the cooperation profiles and request meetings with interesting partners, or if invited, you can accept/reject the meetings.
The Kaivosvesiverkosto Matchmaking 2016 event is an ideal way to meet potential new collaborative partners and a great opportunity to widen your network. It brings together organizations across the mine water sector and offers participants the opportunity to initiate co-operation and improve business through facilitated face-to-face meetings.
Guest speakers will give insight to the expectations of the mining industry, examples of how cooperation enhances the service business and how scientific research can be transformed into products. The speakers include mining companies, service and technology providers and research institutions.
To make the most of your visit to the Kaivosvesiverkosto Matchmaking 2016 event, please fill out the organization profile on the matchmaking platform and visit other participant profiles. Your profile is your opportunity to define the product, service, technology or investment you are offering or requesting and gives you a valuable opportunity to describe what you would like to discuss with potential partners within this process. Additionally, a limited number of 5 minute slots for personal presentations, to be given throughout the course of the event, are available on a first come, first serve basis. After filling out your profile you have the opportunity to send meeting requests to selected participants of your choice.
The event registration fee is 50€ per person. The fee includes seminar participation, b2b meetings and catering (coffee, lunch and the cocktail event). The number of participants is limited to 100 people.
The official language of the conference is Finnish. 
To find out more about the Mining Water Competence Network of Finland visit: http://projects.gtk.fi/kaivosvesiverkosto/index.html 


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Espoo, Geologian tutkimuskeskus,  Sederholm-sali Betonimiehenkuja 4,  02151 Espoo