Antti Pasanen

Chief Scientist
Geological Survey of Finland

Bilateral Meetings

  • (1:30p.m. - 5:00p.m.)
DescriptionGeological Survey of Finland (GTK) is national geological research centre operating under the Ministry of Employment and Economy. GTK is one of the most competent European service centers in applied earth sciences and the geological earth resources of strategic and economic importance are in the core of GTK's research mission. GTK contributes to a wide range of international geosciences, mapping, mineral resources and environmental monitoring projects as well as projects, which are concerned eco-efficient mining and mineral processing. One of GTK’s strengths is having a total view of geology. It allows for reliable assessment of the environmental impacts of mining. Forecasting changes, on the other hand, helps in controlling and minimising hazardous impacts. Knowledge of the natural changes and condition of soil, groundwater, and lake and stream sediments before commencing mining operations provide a solid basis for GTK’s environmental reports and transparent and open impact and risk assessment
Organization Type Research Institute
Organization Size250+
Founding Year1889
CityKuopio71870, Neulaniementie 5 Google map
Areas of Activities

Water treatment and recycling

    Pilot scale testing

      Water supply and management

        Drainage and dewatering


            Waste management and treatment

              Environmental and process monitoring

                Remote and online systems

                  Data management and information systems

                    Ground and surface water studies

                      Geophysical and geotechnical services

                        Environmental impact assessment

                          Research, development and innovation

                            Education and training

                              Metal mining

                                Industrial minerals and gemstone

                                  Sand, gravel and rock aggregates

                                    Technology and business development

                                      Project Implementation and Management

                                        Feasibility studies

                                          Environmental surveys


                                              Offer & Request

                                              Cooperation in mine water research

                                              GTK is interested in participating research with private companies in the field of mine water management and other mining environmental topics.

                                              Keywords: Mine waterenvironment
                                              Cooperation Offered
                                              1. Other
                                              2. Mine water intelligence
                                              3. Networking
                                              4. Co-operation
                                              Cooperation Requested
                                              1. Other
                                              2. Mine water intelligence
                                              3. Networking
                                              4. Co-operation